The ICC Cricket World Twenty20 is a high profile global event which is avidly followed by millions of fans around the world. To aid the vast global media presence, the ICC traditionally produces hard copy media guides distributed to all registered journalists with relevant information to make their lives easier.

However, for the Cricket World Twenty20 the ICC required a new, effective way to keep all the media information easily updated and to provide a direct communication channel with the assembled media. BCM’s solution was to create a new platform called ICC Media Centre.

Once registered, the world’s journalists and media groups were provided with unprecedented access to all of the latest team news, match and player stats, media downloads and location information. The site was built to allow seamless access to the entire Twenty20 schedule as well as providing detailed, clear and concise information to both the ICC team and collective media.

ICC Media Centre was critically acclaimed by journalists, media partners and sponsors as an essential and effective information portal that provided fast, reliable and relevant content.

Client: Tobasgo Creative