Having worked on Bond Films since Licence to Kill back in 1988 Bond is in our blood.

BCM started working on Motion Graphics for Bond in 1997 on Tomorrow Never Dies and have worked on every film since including the latest film Spectre.

Each film has provided its own technical and artistic challenge. In the early days we were working with the constraints of the hardware and processing power 3D design was in it infancy and we were constantly pushing the designers and technical crew to provide motion graphics that were cutting edge. More recently working with BLIND we have provided the computing power, technical programming and expertise to ensure the graphics seen on screen are there on set where ever required.

From Tomorrow Never Dies where we had the largest video wall ever seen in Europe to Skyfall with 4K 24fps full screen animations on the largest plasma screen in the world, we are always pushing the limits.

Bond will return.

Client: EON Productions
Director: Various